Warm weather is upon us!

Take advantage of the warm weather and incorporate biodiesel into your car or trucks fuel diet. A fuel tank with even a small 5% percentage of biodiesel will help keep you fuel system clean and lubricated.

Too Cold – Pump Closed Today

The temperature is just too low to put the biodiesel pump online and outside today. We tried to dispense biodiesel to a customer this morning but the retail product was near gelled. As such we’ve closed the pump for today. We do have a warming trend the rest of the week. Pump will be back open Tuesday the 13th.

Saturday Sale

To take advantage of some warmer weather headed our way let’s get some biodiesel back on the streets of Houston. Sale Saturday $2.30 a gallon from 10-2pm. Price back to normal Monday $2.499 / gal.

Pump is Open

Thankfully the weather has warmed up enough that we can put the pump back outside. We are open and back in business. Price still $2.499 per gallon.

Back to Normal?

Looks like the weather is giving us a short break with some warmer days. Fair warning that it’s still too early to get carried away using biodiesel. It is still January and typically we’ll see some cold weather into February. By all means please top off with biodiesel but be ready to grab some diesel if it gets cold again.