Temp out of Stock

We had to fill a large order this weekend that consumed all our remaining biodiesel inventory. We’ll schedule a fresh tanker for delivery next week. In the meantime no pump or tote inventory at Houston Biodiesel. Not even a drop remains.

FAME $2.89 and SME $3.89

The pump biodiesel (FAME) is $2.899 per gallon and stable down to temperatures of only 50F (10C). FAME is NOT recommended for use now. If you use FAME please dilute it with diesel in a 50/50 ratio. The SME (Soy Methyl Ester) is good down to 32F (0C) but it comes at a higher price.

The oil collection business has been good. As such we want to thank those individuals who bring in their used cooking oil for disposal. Houston Biodiesel is an official City of Houston drop off site for used cooking oil.

Last day to get biodiesel for a week

Business as normal today, but we’ll be closed Saturday the 22nd through Thursday the 27th. The pump will reopen Friday the 28th. Thomas is taking a much deserved vacation, Chris will be out of town, and Jeff will be staffing Hydroshack. We just don’t have the staff to keep the pump open next week. Hope to see you today or when we open the 28th.

Winter Biodiesel on Tap! Good to 36F (2C)

We’ve finally secured a full transport load of winterized biodiesel. This new product is safe down to 36 F (2C).  This is the best low cloud point biodiesel we’ve ever offered in twenty years selling biodiesel at the pump. We still recommend some diesel fuel use during the winter but at least with this new winterized biodiesel you’ll be even more protected from gelling.

Closed for Veterans Day

Biodiesel pump will be closed today in observance of Veterans Day. It’s going to be too cold for high ratios of biodiesel anyhow the next couple of days. We’ll be back open Tuesday to receive a fresh tanker load of winter biodiesel, but we don’t expect too many customers. You should be topping off with diesel fuel anyhow. We still caution that you should have at least a 50/50 blend biodiesel / diesel ratio when the temps fall below 40F. Above 40F you can cut back the diesel down to a 20-30% blend.

New Winter Hours

Houston Biodiesel encourages more diesel blending during the winter months to lessen the possibility of fuel gelling. As such we are opening one hour later during weekdays effective November 1st.  Instead of opening at 10AM during the week beginning November 1st we will open at 11AM. Saturday hours remain unchanged 10AM-2PM.