Winter Biodiesel on Tap! Good to 36F (2C)

We’ve finally secured a full transport load of winterized biodiesel. This new product is safe down to 36 F (2C).  This is the best low cloud point biodiesel we’ve ever offered in twenty years selling biodiesel at the pump. We still recommend some diesel fuel use during the winter but at least with this new winterized biodiesel you’ll be even more protected from gelling.

Closed for Veterans Day

Biodiesel pump will be closed today in observance of Veterans Day. It’s going to be too cold for high ratios of biodiesel anyhow the next couple of days. We’ll be back open Tuesday to receive a fresh tanker load of winter biodiesel, but we don’t expect too many customers. You should be topping off with diesel fuel anyhow. We still caution that you should have at least a 50/50 blend biodiesel / diesel ratio when the temps fall below 40F. Above 40F you can cut back the diesel down to a 20-30% blend.

New Winter Hours

Houston Biodiesel encourages more diesel blending during the winter months to lessen the possibility of fuel gelling. As such we are opening one hour later during weekdays effective November 1st.  Instead of opening at 10AM during the week beginning November 1st we will open at 11AM. Saturday hours remain unchanged 10AM-2PM.

Stump the Treehugger Trivia, Sunday at Saint Arnold Brewery

Stump the Treehugger Trivia where Trivia meets Nature meets Beer.
Think and Drink for the Planet.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company
2000 Lyons Ave
Houston, TX 77020

Sunday, May 20th 4:00PM – 6:00PM

EVENTBRITE for Tickets

Here’s the deal to get free admission.  Come to Houston Biodiesel Saturday the 19th from 10-2PM and buy some biodiesel or a filter and we’ll add your name to our guest list. Easy and fun.

Join the CEC at Saint Arnold Brewing Company for the Stump the Treehugger Environmental Trivia Contest sponsored by the Citizens Environmental Coalition.

Teams of eight players each will compete in nine rounds of earthy trivia, answering eco-centric questions in the following nine categories:

  • Air
  • Soils
  • Water
  • Enviro 101
  • Global Issues
  • Human Footprint
  • Animals and Wildlife
  • Plants and Agriculture
  • Politics, Government, and Eco-Justice


Warm weather is upon us!

Take advantage of the warm weather and incorporate biodiesel into your car or trucks fuel diet. A fuel tank with even a small 5% percentage of biodiesel will help keep you fuel system clean and lubricated.