Welcome to Houston Biodiesel

We were fortunate at Houston Biodiesel not to be damaged by Harvey. The offices and warehouses are fine and the biodiesel is high and dry. No underground tanks here to get contaminated. All product is above ground in IBC totes inside dry warehouse.

Biodiesel pump price is $2.199/gallon - taxes included

Houston Biodiesel will take your used cooking oil for responsible disposal at any time during the year.

Houston Biodiesel is currently offering retail pump biodiesel at or below the price of diesel fuel. As such we're getting a lot of new biodiesel users. You don't need to be a biodiesel expert to use it as a fuel. All you need to know is nothing really. Just use it like you would diesel fuel. Don't complicate it. Just fill up your tank and drive. No vehicle modifications required. No voided warranties. Enjoy clean renewable biodiesel today. It's easy.

Biodiesel is an EPA approved alternative diesel fuel that burns cleaner, quieter and with a pleasant odor vs diesel fuel. Any diesel vehicle can use biodiesel and it will not effect your warranty. You can blend biodiesel with diesel fuel in any ratio. During the winter months we recommend B80 or 80% biodiesel with 20% diesel. When temperature drop below 40F go B50 to guard against gelling.

Houston Biodiesel is an official collection / drop off point for the City of Houston household used cooking oil. The program is called Corral the Grease.

Operation Hours:
Mon - Fri 10AM - 6PM
Saturday 10AM - 2PM
Sunday Closed

Houston Biodiesel
1138 W 20th Street
Houston, TX 77008
Phone: 713/222-0832
(pump located in side yard of Hydroshack building)

Houston Biodiesel is a City of Houston approved collection point to dispose of used cooking oil. Just bring in your used cooking oil for drop off during business hours. Biodiesel customers can also bring in their clear, brown, or green glass for recycling. Glass recycling is only open to biodiesel customers and not the general public. Oil recycling is open to everyone.

Houston Biodiesel educates about and promotes the use of clean, renewable, non-toxic, non-flammable, domestically biodiesel produced from plant or animal fat using a simple chemical process similar to that of soap making. We stock only the finest high quality biodiesel that conforms to or exceeds all ASTM and frequently BQ9000 specifications. We've been offering quality biodiesel for over 15-years. Houston Biodiesel is a name you can trust to power your valuable diesel equipment.

If you need assistance or have questions please email sales at houstonbiodiesel dot com. If you leave your phone number we'll call you or reply to your email inquiry.

Our staff consists of long time diesel enthusiasts burning clean B100 biodiesel in their own vehicles. We've been using, selling, and educating about biodiesel for over fourteen years. Come in and find out what it's all about.

Biodiesel is far superior to diesel on most points. It's not the perfect fuel but wins hands down on most points. Here are some facts sourced from the EPA. Hands down biodiesel produces fewer overall emissions than petroleum diesel. Biodiesel sourced from a rather inefficient oil crop such as soy has a net CO2 reduction of 78% (if you produce biodiesel from recycled waste oil the benefits are far greater and have not yet been measured), 70% less hydrocarbon emissions, 40% less carbon monoxide emissions, and 50% less particulate emissions (cancer causing fine particles), NOX are about the same. Biodiesel has much greater lubricity and higher cetane than diesel fuel. This helps make up for about a 7% net BTU loss vs diesel on average. Yes biodiesel on average has 7% less energy per unit of volume. Not a bad trade off considering the huge environmental and sustainable benefits.

How it works at Houston Biodiesel: just pull up to the pump and fill up, and then use your credit/debit card, check or cash to settle up with one of our knowledgeable staff. Our staff will help you determine if running pure B100 or a blend of biodiesel is right for your particular vehicle. Our customers include individuals driving diesel vehicles, companies with diesel equipment, farmers, truckers, dump trucks, and just about anyone who has a diesel motor or kerosene heater. We'd be happy to "talk" biodiesel for use in your application (as long as we have a free moment) to anyone who calls or comes by for a visit.

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