Stump the Treehugger Trivia, Sunday at Saint Arnold Brewery

Stump the Treehugger Trivia where Trivia meets Nature meets Beer.
Think and Drink for the Planet.

Saint Arnold Brewing Company
2000 Lyons Ave
Houston, TX 77020

Sunday, May 20th 4:00PM – 6:00PM

EVENTBRITE for Tickets

Here’s the deal to get free admission.¬† Come to Houston Biodiesel Saturday the 19th from 10-2PM and buy some biodiesel or a filter and we’ll add your name to our guest list. Easy and fun.

Join the CEC at Saint Arnold Brewing Company for the Stump the Treehugger Environmental Trivia Contest sponsored by the Citizens Environmental Coalition.

Teams of eight players each will compete in nine rounds of earthy trivia, answering eco-centric questions in the following nine categories:

  • Air
  • Soils
  • Water
  • Enviro 101
  • Global Issues
  • Human Footprint
  • Animals and Wildlife
  • Plants and Agriculture
  • Politics, Government, and Eco-Justice


Warm weather is upon us!

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Too Cold – Pump Closed Today

The temperature is just too low to put the biodiesel pump online and outside today. We tried to dispense biodiesel to a customer this morning but the retail product was near gelled. As such we’ve closed the pump for today. We do have a warming trend the rest of the week. Pump will be back open Tuesday the 13th.

Saturday Sale

To take advantage of some warmer weather headed our way let’s get some biodiesel back on the streets of Houston. Sale Saturday $2.30 a gallon from 10-2pm. Price back to normal Monday $2.499 / gal.